Microsoft closes another deal, is redhat next?

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Tue Jun 19 21:17:27 UTC 2007

Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
> Mike McCarty wrote:
>>Skunk Worx wrote:
>>>Kudos to RedHat for sticking to their guns. Unix predates MS-anything
>>>by decades so it's all kind of humorous.
>>I'm not sure this is true, but even if it were, Linux is not UNIX.
>>What we commonly call Linux is actually Linux (the kernel) which
>>doesn't predate MS products, and GNU, which, as we all know, means
>>GNU is Not UNIX. So, Unix dates have nothing to do with this discussion.
> Actually, my recollection is that I started using Linux 0.12 some time
> in the 1992 time frame.  About this time Windows 286 and Windows 386
> were the MS offerings along with their DOS 3.x, 4.0x products.  UNIX had
> been around quite a long time at that point.  I had been using versions

Like 1970s time frame.


> While the exactness of the OP's statement is probably hard to prove
> beyond the shadow of a doubt, I do believe his statement that "Unix
> predates MS-anything" is generally true.

MicroSoft produced stuff for CBM machines at approximately the
time they were introduced. In any case, Unix and Linux have
nothing to do with each other, except that GNU is modelled
after Unix, and is commonly included in the term "Linux".

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