gstreamer updates

Karl Larsen k5di at
Wed Jun 20 00:06:28 UTC 2007

    I received the updates but they are too new. The ones from FC6 DVD 
are what I used and got the original look with a playback and the mike 
on another tab. Here is what worked.

    I discoverd looking at the Volume Control it says it's a Gstreamer 
product. So I put the FC6 DVD in my system and sure enough there where a 
lot of gstreamer files. I didn't get the devel packages so I wound up 
with 4 rpm packages that are:





    I checked and there were these packages already in my system but 
they were of a newer version. So I deleted the ones in my computer and 
then installed these older ones.

I clicked on Volume Control and to my pleasure saw there is now a 
Playback and Capture tab and the Mike is back in Capture as it should be.

So if you send another update please use these versions :-)


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