Selinux so badly corrupted machine can't start

Michael Wiktowy michael.wiktowy at
Wed Jun 20 01:41:33 UTC 2007

On 6/18/07, Tony Nelson <tonynelson at> wrote:
> At 5:20 PM -0400 6/18/07, Michael Wiktowy wrote:
> >Couldn't you just change your grub entry to include enforcing=0 at the
> >boot menu without the Rescue CD step?
> How would that create the file /.autorelabel?  How would you plan to edit
> grub.conf when the system won't boot due to SELinux labeling issues?

You can press "e" on any grub entry to edit it on boot. This will
allow you to make changes for just that boot time ... not permanently.

> >I would think that selinux would autorelabel whether it is enforcing
> >or not. Just as long as it is enabled.
> It will try.  If the SELinux labels are wrong enough it will fail, and the
> system will be in at least as bad shape as before.

If enforcing is off, selinux isn't going to stop anything. But it will
continue to log nastiness so it might help to determine what is going


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