tons of spam - refocussed on evolution.

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Wed Jun 20 14:11:00 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-06-19 at 15:03 -0700, jdow wrote:
> From: "Aaron Konstam" <akonstam at>
> > But all this misses the essential point I was trying to make but
> > obviously not well enough:
> > 1. Evolution is removing spam and places the result into junk but not
> > very effectively.
> > 2. The Bayes databases keep getting updated .
> > 3. Messages don't get the headers I would expect from spamassassin.
> > 4. My user_prefs file says Spam should have its header altered by
> > inserting the word SPAM in the subject line. That does not happen.
> > 
> > Something is wrong with the way evolution (or at least my evolution) is
> > using spam. Does anyone know what is wrong?
> SpamAssassin rules:
> # How many hits before a mail is considered spam.
> required_hits           5.0
> rewrite_header Subject     *****SPAM***** _SCORE(00)_ **
> The first line tells SA to declare loudly that the message is spam.
> The second tells SA the way to declare loudly that a message is spam.
> It gives a distinctive header with a 3 (!) digit score in the header.
> Since all spams come in marked that way I sort them to the spam folder
> as I drag them off the MTA via DoveCot. Then I can sort by subject in
> the spam folder and get a sort by score. That makes looking through
> spam for something mismarked a breeze.
> (It is also fun to watch your maximum scores and admire how inept the
> average spammer can be.)
> {^_-}
Joanne I did all that. After all I am a graduate of the jdow school of
spamassassin use. But it just does not work. The subject headers of the
spam (junk) are not changed and spam scores do not appear.
Has anyone made this work. One thing though. Is it required_hits or
Have you locked your file cabinet?
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