Brief diary of an F-7 installation

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at
Wed Jun 20 18:32:07 UTC 2007

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

>  Surely no one who plans on having more than
>> one subdirectory would voluntarily pick a file manager that leaves an 
>> open window at every level if an alternative were presented in an 
>> equal context during installation.
> There is zero data for that claim.

Perhaps - but why has such an arbitrary change and choice been made with 
zero data? I'd be shocked if more than one developer actually uses the 
system in the configuration shipped as the default for everyone.

> File manager behavior is not you 
> would seriously suggest exposing at installation time.

If another environment provides a better experience, then it should 
certainly be presented as at least an equal choice during the install 
instead of later finding out that you had to download some other disk or 
roll your own to get it.

>> Why would a new user know/care about this instead of just going back 
>> to whatever OS they used before when they get annoyed with nautilus 
>> behavior?
> Surely they have that choice.

You make it sound like no one cares one way or the other.

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