F7 install puts no entries in /dev,/proc/ and /sys

John Wendel john.wendel at metnet.navy.mil
Wed Jun 20 20:24:59 UTC 2007

andy selby wrote:
> I installed f7 on a second hard drive (slave on an ide bus which makes
> it sdb) and input the correct settings into grub.conf on the master
> drive (sda). After installing the main bulk of f7 it ejects the
> install dvd and requests a reboot, after the reboot I assume,from
> experience, it requires me to setup a user account but I never get
> that far because it kernel panics. When I boot into fc4 and look on
> the second hardrive there are no entries in /proc, /sys or /dev.

/proc, /sys, and /dev aren't "REAL" filesystems. If the system isn't 
running, they will be empty directories.

Sorry, I don't have any advice about the panic. Can you post any 
console output?



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