Running X in runlevel 3

Ian Chapman packages at
Wed Jun 20 23:35:37 UTC 2007

Chris Jones wrote:
>> On limited hardware that could be reason alone to use startx from 3.

> Your argument that it helps on low end machines only makes sense to me if the 
> login screen is somehow 'remembered' after log on, so still using system 
> resources.

Well the login manager (at least gdm) usually hangs around in the 
background after you've logged in so it could make a small difference in 
terms of memory usage.

> I really doubt this is the case in which case I doubt, once you 
> have your desktop session running it really makes a difference whether you 
> went via the standard login window (init 5 if you like) or startx from init 
> 3?

But I agree with you that peformance wise, init 5 or init 3 + startx is 
would be negligable and of course there's simpler modes for gdm and 
lighter weigth login managers available.

Ian Chapman.

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