fedora 7 wpa_supplicant/ath0 booting problems

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wolfgang.rupprecht+gnus200706 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 06:33:29 UTC 2007

"Mario Rossi" <mariofutire at googlemail.com> writes:
> Forgot to mention 2 things:
> 1) "exit 0" is not good since the file is included in another script
> (I think), so you end up skipping the rest of its parent (where dhcp
> is started).

Good catch!  Thanks.  I think I need to get glasses.  I did see where
it was referenced but it looked like it was being called, not sourced.
That little dot is a real killer.

> 2) I had to disable ipv6 completely, otherwise my interfaces (both
> wireless and cable) were not able to go up and down. They were up once
> and then if-down hanged.

My wired interfaces can be taken up and down with no problems even
when ipv6 is active.  The wireless is very finicky.  I'll play later
to see if removing ipv6 makes things more stable.

I did put a bz in for the wpa_supplicant looping between associating
and dropping the associations.  It turned out running wpa_supplicant
from the shell with the "-d" flag output a world of useful


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