FC5, Wine and NTFS

Gary Stainburn gary.stainburn at ringways.co.uk
Thu Jun 21 08:53:39 UTC 2007

I have a dual boot laptop. 

On the one-side is the pre-installed Windows XP with Office XP.
On the other is a 'yum'  up-to-date FC5 install.

A long time ago I had a dabble with Wine but didn't have a great deal of 

What I want to know is is it possible to use wine to run MS Word and Excel 
from my NTFS formatted Win-XP. Ideally I'd like to be able to update 
documents on the NTFS drive too, but that's not essential.

(I do use OOo for most things, but there are a few compatibility issues I 
can't get round)

A link to idiot proof instructions would be great.
Gary Stainburn
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