FC5, Wine and NTFS

Gary Stainburn gary.stainburn at ringways.co.uk
Thu Jun 21 13:33:40 UTC 2007

On Thursday 21 June 2007 13:29, Mark Haney wrote:
> Chris Jones wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >> I have a similar setup.  I use ntfs-3g to be able to read and write to
> >> my NTFS drive, but instead of using MS office, I use Openoffice to read
> >> and write my Word/Excel documents.  I've had very little trouble in the
> >> way of import/formatting problems and most of those were easy to
> >> rectify.  Maybe this will work for you.
> >
> > What version of Openoffice are you using ? I think FC5 by default has
> > version 1.X, which does have some problems with certain MS documents.
> > However, the latest versions, 2.X, are much improved. I've not had any
> > compatibility problems since updating.
> >
> > If you are using 1.X, I would consider updating to 2.X (the latest is
> > 2.2 - There are rpms available from the main openoffice web site site).
> > You may find you don't need MS office at all ;)
> >
> > Chris
> I'm definitely using Oo2, but my boss loves his Excel Spreadsheets and
> in some cases his exotic formatting doesn't import correctly.  Nothing I
> can't fix, so I'm not all that worried about it.

I do use OOo2 for 99% of my work, but I have a small number of structured Word 
documents that won't work in oowriter. 

I'll look into ntfs-3g, and have another go at wine to get MSWord working.

Thanks anyway.
Gary Stainburn
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