Fedora 7 freezes two or three times per day

William Case billlinux at rogers.com
Thu Jun 21 16:24:59 UTC 2007

Hi Langdon et al;

I usually stay away from hardware threads. They are normally beyond my
level.  But, I had what sounds like the same problem, and here is how I
fixed it.

On Tue, 2007-06-19 at 00:37 +1000, Langdon Stevenson wrote: 
> My Fedora 7 system is running well, except for the nasty habit of 
> freezing two or three times per day when I am working.  First: all 
> windows stop responding to the mouse and key board, then soon after, the 
> mouse freezes as well.
> The only option available then is to press the reset button to reboot 
> the system.
> There doesn't appear to be any specific application that causes the 
> freeze.  It typically happens when I have a largish number of 
> applications open at once (say: Firefox, Eclipse, Thunderbird, Pidgin, 
> Terminal, Putty), but I could be working in any one of the applications.
> This problem has been happening since I installed F7 soon after the 
> official release.  So I have seen this behavior with at least three 
> kernels (including the last release a few days ago).
> My system spec:
> - CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo e6600
> - Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6
> - Video card: Asus EN7900GS
> - kernel.x86_64 2.6.21-1.3228

For my problem, the CPU, motherboard and video card do not seem
> All currently available F7 updates installed.
> Are there any known issues that may be causing this?  If not, should I 
> be reporting it as a bug?

I have a second user on my machine which we have been logging into
through the gdmflexiserver gui.  When I am (user1), the original user,
and we switch to user2, his screen and the entire computer freezes,
panels don't work and some applications remove themselves from the
panel.  I had to Ctrl-Alt-F2 to a terminal, login as root and killall -
u user2.  I then had to reboot.

So, the problem could have been a bug with the user-switcher or gdm ??

When I checked his session manager, I found 'compiz' checked as a
startup application.  I do not use compiz as user1, and user2 swears he
never used or tried compiz (??).  In any case, I removed compiz from
session startup and haven't had a problem since.  A bug in compiz -

Not quite true, once every two or three months I get a freezeup while
using the email composer in Evolution.  That problem was here in FC6 as
well as F-7 so probably not related. 
Regards Bill

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