maillist at maillist at
Thu Jun 21 17:07:00 UTC 2007

I did not realise until I checked one of my spam filters today how much 
spam I was receiving because I have posted on this list.  Someone on the 
list seems to feel it is a demonstration of their IT skill to be able to 
harvest email addresses on a mail list.
The only way to deal with these internet terrorists is to "let" them 
win  by no longer using email lists.  Must be a great satisfaction to 
them to be able able to stop the free exchange of advice, information  
and ideas.
Un-subscribing from this may not be  much of  a loss to to the list but, 
when some person decides to use the list to troll for email addresses to 
spam the simplest thing to do is just stop using the email address I use 
for the list.
Spammers misuse of internet features such as mail lists are effectively 
killing other users enjoyment and use of  the net.

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