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Thu Jun 21 17:16:59 UTC 2007

maillist at wrote:
> I did not realise until I checked one of my spam filters today how much
> spam I was receiving because I have posted on this list.  Someone on the
> list seems to feel it is a demonstration of their IT skill to be able to
> harvest email addresses on a mail list.
> The only way to deal with these internet terrorists is to "let" them
> win  by no longer using email lists.  Must be a great satisfaction to
> them to be able able to stop the free exchange of advice, information 
> and ideas.
> Un-subscribing from this may not be  much of  a loss to to the list but,
> when some person decides to use the list to troll for email addresses to
> spam the simplest thing to do is just stop using the email address I use
> for the list.
> Spammers misuse of internet features such as mail lists are effectively
> killing other users enjoyment and use of  the net.

I do not really feel it's someone on the list demonstrating their skill.
 That's a blanket indictment that I'm sure will offend someone.

I for one, am one of those people who understand that it's impossible to
completely rid myself of it while I'm on the list, so I do the best I
can to keep it under control. The benefits of these lists certainly
outweigh some spineless git out there wanting to sell me crappy stock or
a larger penis.

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