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Thu Jun 21 18:25:49 UTC 2007

maillist at wrote:
> I did not realise until I checked one of my spam filters today how much 
> spam I was receiving because I have posted on this list.  Someone on the 

It isn't clear to me how you know it is because you post on this list.
In any case, harvesting is something that occurs to all lists.

> list seems to feel it is a demonstration of their IT skill to be able to 
> harvest email addresses on a mail list.

It requires no IT skill at all.

> The only way to deal with these internet terrorists is to "let" them 
> win  by no longer using email lists.  Must be a great satisfaction to 

No, this is not the only way, which you would know if you spent even
one hour researching the topic. I have personally killed some spammers
myself, including some which were forging my e-mail addresses. The
compromized machines were in Greece, Russia (2), Belize, UK, another
central American country I can't recall, and Ivory Coast.

I spent a few hours learning how to read the e-mail headers, and trace
back to the machines which were compromized. I then alerted the
sysadmins of those machines, and the forgeries stopped. I belive at
least three spammers were stopped this way, due to differences in
the way the headers were forged.

I didn't actually kill the spammers, but I plugged the holes they
were using. I suspect that I shut down fewer spammers than compromized
machines, but even one is a help. I was getting 100 or so bounces a day,
and I know not how many hundreds of e-mails went through in my name.
Now, I don't get any.

BTW, my machine was not and is not compromized.

> them to be able able to stop the free exchange of advice, information  
> and ideas.
> Un-subscribing from this may not be  much of  a loss to to the list but, 
> when some person decides to use the list to troll for email addresses to 
> spam the simplest thing to do is just stop using the email address I use 
> for the list.

Why not contribute to killing the spammers rather than bitching to the

> Spammers misuse of internet features such as mail lists are effectively 
> killing other users enjoyment and use of  the net.

We all agree with this statement to some degree, so you're preaching
to the choir on this one.

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