Alsa Mixer Madness

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Fri Jun 22 00:58:05 UTC 2007

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> Alan Cox has been one of the most senior Linux developers.  He also
>> seems to speak fairly carefully in public email.  You may find his
>> statements hard to interpret (oracular) but they are likely correct.

His answers are usually right on, at least relating to the kernel. But 
with status also comes the lack of freedom to express one's self as 
anyone else can on a list. I could not believe the "don't talk about us 
Americans like that" response from an earlier posting. Just let him talk 
freely and good and accurate advice with a mix of humor added will come 
our way.

> Karl thinks gnome-volume-manager controls audio volume instead of
> controlling mounting of things like removable media. Several people
> have pointed this out to him. This is the bad advice he is talking
> about.

volume = sound level, a section of a publication an many more meanings 
which lead the word to be in the class of whatchamacallit in regard to 
its descriptive meaning. Gnome-storage-manager would probably be a 
better choice for a media storage manager.

I myself assumed volume manager was in reference to sound management 
until I ran rpm -q --info. Still the crying about someone gave me bad 
advice is not needed when references are not clearly included with the 

> Mikkel

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