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Matthew Saltzman mjs at CLEMSON.EDU
Fri Jun 22 13:09:59 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 20:46 -0700, David Boles wrote:
> on 6/21/2007 7:23 PM, Tim wrote:
> > On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 12:59 -0600, Karl Larsen wrote:
> >>     If you have either F7 or F6 with all the updates you will have a 
> >> Volume Control that is broken. When you click it up if your in the Alsa 
> >> mixer mode you on the right side a Microphone listed on the Playback 
> >> tab. This is wrong and if you look at the device below the Mike it shows 
> >> a speaker!
> >>
> >>     To use this bad system first turn up the Master and Master Mono to 
> >> the top and set Mike to the top. Now click File and select the TriTech 
> >> OSS Mixer. 
> > 
> > Firstly, that "TriTech" bit only refers to your hardware.  People with
> > different sound hardware will see something different.
> > 
> > Second, make a damn bugzilla report.  We've all heard the same story
> > from you several times, this week.  We know about it by now, you're not
> > doing anything constructive about it.
> Karl - Please read this and listen. I am not writing this to be mean or
> insulting in any way.
> I have had FC-3, FC-4, FC-5, FC6, and FC-7 all installed one after the
> other. At the same time I have always had rawhide (the development branch
> of Fedora) installed too.  And my mixers/volume controls have all worked
> just fine.
> So I really think that your problems are either your hardware or Pebkac.
> Really. And if I had to bet I would bet on Pebkac.

No, in this case (at least), Karl is really onto something.  After some
update, my F7 GNOME volume control show only one tab, "Playback", and
Mic shows up there instead of on the "Capture" tab where it used to.
And I can't set the +20db boost for the mic or select which mic is live,

Running alsamixer from the command line shows all three display options
("tbas") "Playback", "Capture", and "All", but all the mic controls
appear on the playback tab--the "Capture" tab shows only a "Capture"
device.  The Line device is labeled a Capture device, but its level only
shows in the Playback tab.

Consequently, I don't seem to be able to get the Skype test call to play
back my test message at all.  I had it working in FC6 with some
settings, but I can't duplicate them in the GNOME volume control and
they don't seem to "take" in alsamixer.

(FWIW, my ALSA mixer is for an Intel 82801DB-ICH4 and my OSS mixer is
for an Analog Devices AD1981B.

I had none of these issues with FC6.

Karl, have you filed the damned bug yet?

                Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Math Sciences
mjs AT clemson DOT edu

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