Samba printing failure

David G. Miller dave at
Fri Jun 22 13:38:48 UTC 2007

William Murray <W.J.Murray at> wrote:

>  Can anyone help with a samba/printer error?
>   I yum upgraded my firewall/router/printer-server from FC6 to F7. 
> Very nice. But the printer stopped accepting samba inputs.
>    I can still see a network shared disk over samba, and I can still
> print locally from the machine. 
> The only clue I have is in /var/log/messages:
> [2007/06/22 07:58:34, 0] lib/util_tdb.c:tdb_log(662) 
>  tdb(/var/lib/samba/printing/F380.tdb): tdb_rec_read bad magic
> 0x626d732f at offset=20976 
> 'google' brought up similar problems from 2005, but the only solution,
> deleting the /var/lib/samba/printing/F380.tdb file, did not work for me.
> I tried making a new printer using F7, bot on clients and server, but it
> didn't help.
>    Any thoughts?
>     Thank you,
>            Bill
I had something similar happen when my CentOS server updated from 4.4 to 
4.5.  Printing on my wife's Windoze box stopped working.  Turned out 
that one of the CUPS mime configuration files had been overwritten in 
the update so CUPS would no longer accept "raw" print files from Samba 
clients.  Check the mime.* files in /etc/cups and confirm that they are 
set correctly for Samba clients.  The files are well commented and there 
is an entry in each that needs to be uncommented for Samba print clients 
to work.


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