Where are the Fedora 7 CD ISOs

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Might be time to switch to Ubuntu.


On Fri, 22 Jun 2007, Mike McCarty wrote:

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> Subject: Re: Where are the Fedora 7 CD ISOs
> bdk at unb.ca wrote:
>> Some of the systems I need to upgrade from FC 5/6 to Fedora 7 do not have a 
>> DVD drive. In the past there was a set of 4 or 5 CDs that one 
> Too bad. The Fedora Project has decided that CDROMS will not be
> produced for FC7.
>> used to upgrade. Do these ISO images still exist for Fedora 7?  I see a KDE 
>> and Gnome(?) live ISOs but no full distribution.
>> If so where are they?
>> If not how does one go from FC5/6 to Fedora 7 without a DVD drive?
> Excellent question.
> Mike

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They do provide CD images.  Except that they are not the traditional ones.  You can get 
install from there and then yum install missing software.
GET A DVD and install the dvd iso. 
Use alternate methods to install Fedora. 

You can also go and do what you threathen to do.   You are free to do whatever makes you happy.  

These are the two live CD images that you can install from:

9f7caedd316d28686cb320c1640d07d403ab95ef  Fedora-7-KDE-Live-i686.iso
2e08a33703b46e9484c9472d76caa4ef8a2b15b9  Fedora-7-Live-i686.iso



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