Where are the Fedora 7 CD ISOs

Rodolfo Alcazar Portillo rodolfo.alcazar at padep.org.bo
Fri Jun 22 23:33:04 UTC 2007

Am Freitag, den 22.06.2007, 22:26 +0200 schrieb Nigel Henry:
> On Friday 22 June 2007 21:46, Chris Jones wrote:
> > > There are no CD iso's available. Full stop. Whoever decided that should
> > > have thought folks with no DVD ROM drives.
> >
> > This is plain wrong. The live CDs are installable.
> I made no mention of Live CD's. I'm talking about sets of CD iso's that were 
> available for FC6 and previous versions of  FC.
> For example I'm on dialup. I normally download the first disk, and make sure 
> that it will boot. The F7 disk 1, that I dl'd from John Reiser's site booted 
> ok, and I took it as far as the custom partitioning page, so, on the face of 
> it the install will go ok with the rest of the disks. If I were to DL the 
> DVD, I would need to take perhaps 8 or 9 days to get the DVD. Now I try the 
> DVD, and it won't boot, or it boots, and there are problems with the install.

With all due respect, Nigel, if you REALLY need to install ALL by ONCE,
i mean ALL-ALL in just ONE STEP, get a good dvd and a good connection. I
don't understand why don't you use the live cd, which installs really
fine. Then you kann yum/yumex to add just what u need by dialup. I have
many clients with CD-only-PCs, and we installed fedora with the liveCD
on that PCs. Do you realize that installing ALL spends more bandwidth in
never-used-package-yum-upgrades? -additional to the dialup bandwidth you
used downloading the dvd-... Can you use all the DVD distro packages?

I have a DVD on my laptop, have the F7DVD, but preferred installing with
the LiveCD, is a lot simpler and light. I dont know which packages
weren't on the liveCD, but upgrading and a couple of yum installs made
me a happy user. Ubuntu 7 works the same, I tried on the laptop, but F7
Live installs a better program set (and something: I prefer F7).

> Seriously. I don't want to waste 8, or 9 days of dialup bandwidth,
> just to 
> find that I've wasted my time.

Tell u, try the livecd.

Good luck!
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