wpa-supplicant should be set to rc*.d/S09wpa_supplicant on Fedora7

Paul Sipot nnm.one at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 03:35:12 UTC 2007

wpa-supplicant is set to S12 on Fedora7, this causes the network ifup to
fail if u need it for connecting to an AP with encryption because networking
starts at S10 (before wpa_supplicant). Wpa supplicant should be set to S09
so that the wireless interface can authenticate directly on ifup during
boot, thnx.

rc0.d K88
rc1.d K88
rc2.d S12
rc3.d S12
rc4.d S12
rc5.d S12
rc6.d K88

rc0.d K90
rc1.d K90
rc2.d S10
rc3.d S10
rc4.d S10
rc5.d S10
rc6.d K90
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