Livna nVidia problems...

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Sat Jun 23 10:34:47 UTC 2007

>> But have NVidia stopped doing that thing where they mucked up other
>> aspects of Xorg to suit themselves?  That stung me badly when I had
>> to pull out a NVidia card to try another one, and Xorg was buggered.

Gene Heskett:
> I don't believe so.  During the install it would appear it puts its
> own OpenGL stuffs in, and runs ldconfig to fix the links.  If that is
> what it takes to make it work, shrug.

Grr, sods!  Some might think that not an issue, since you don't change
graphic cards that much, usually.  But you may if you test people's
machines.  And the same issue bites you if you try to go back to the
open source nv driver to get around something you can't get to work with
the nvidia driver (I experienced that, myself).

> Since Intel isn't making aftermarket cards, and unless a bolt of
> lightning comes down to educate ati my next card will also be an 
> nvidia, and nothing will be changed, I'll still have to re-install
> after every new boot to a new kernel unless the nauveau(sp?) driver is
> ready to run...  I would offer to test it, but the url seems to be on
> the missing list.  Of course I'd need a new round tuit also :) 

</aol> Me too...

It seems we have just about three choices for accelerated video.
Motherboard Intel, some ATI, or some NVidia chipset cards.

Looking through the various X man pages, some other drivers to purport
to support 3D, like some of the S3 range.  But, of course, not *MY* S3
chipset.  :-\  And, I don't know how *well* it was supported.  It was
rather crummy even with its original Windows setup...

I've a two motherboards with i810 chipsets, and no AGP slots.  There's
something that suggests some acceleration can be done with them, but I
didn't get anywhere with it.

Just as well I'm not particularly keen on being able to play games.  But
I wouldn't mind having a try, or playing with some fancy screensavers.

(This box runs FC7, my others still run FC 4, 5, 6, & CentOS 5.0, in
 case that's important to the thread.)

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