Livna nVidia problems...

Chris Jones jonesc at
Sat Jun 23 11:13:12 UTC 2007

> Grr, sods!  Some might think that not an issue, since you don't change
> graphic cards that much, usually.  But you may if you test people's
> machines.  And the same issue bites you if you try to go back to the
> open source nv driver to get around something you can't get to work with
> the nvidia driver (I experienced that, myself).

This is the worst thing about the official nivida installer, and why I will 
never use it.

The livna rpms work around this and install the nvidia opengl libs in such a 
way that it doesn't conflict with the default ones, but exist side by side. 

At a later date you can just remove the rpm and end up back where you start, 
with a work nv driver.


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