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Matthew Saltzman mjs at CLEMSON.EDU
Sat Jun 23 14:12:05 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-06-22 at 18:20 -0700, David Boles wrote:
> on 6/22/2007 5:54 PM, Matthew Saltzman wrote:
> > On Fri, 2007-06-22 at 16:16 -0700, David Boles wrote:
> >> on 6/22/2007 3:50 PM, Matthew Saltzman wrote:
> > 
> >>> I know that.  It's still a bug, and your claim that Karl is
> >>> hallucinating is still incorrect.  And gnome-volume-manager is obviously
> >>> not gnome-volume-control (though Karl still seems confused on that
> >>> point).  There is no package called gnome-volume-control, but there is a
> >>> program called gnome-volume-control and it's in the package gnome-media.
> >>> And nothing in my message or the message I replied to made any reference
> >>> whatsoever to gnome-volume-manager.
> >>
> >> You are correct sir in all that you say. And as I have tried to explain to
> >> Karl I don't have the problem that you two have. Never have had it. Works
> >> today. I am checking and un-checking and moving the sliders as I type
> >> this, well when I stop typing this, and the music that is playing starts
> >> and stops and the volume rises and falls as I do.
> >>
> >> The last real problem I have had with Linux was getting a 'Zip Drive' to
> >> work. And that was a long, long time ago. Probably seven or eight years
> >> ago. Maybe I'm just lucky? Or don't have any strange hardware?
> > 
> > Or something.  So Karl and I have different hardware and similar
> > problems, but another machine I have at home with  FC6 and a SB Live!
> > shows a normal volume control.  I'm going to install F7 on that this
> > weekend, so we'll see.  And the latest incarnation of the volume control
> > on my laptop actually did let me set the mic level enough to be able to
> > Skype.
> > 
> > It's just kind of unhelpful to suggest (as you seemed to) that just
> > because you don't have the problem, it doesn't exist.  There are more
> > combinations of hardware and software and versions in heaven and earth
> > than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
> I never said that just because I did not have this problem that it does
> not exist. This, fedora-usrs, is a list were people come with problems. So

I believe the term you used was PEBKAC.

> what would you expect here. People writing and saying - Great job - no
> problems here?

People do, occasionally.  I have, myself.  But you're right, generally
people start new threads because they are seeking confirmation of or
help with a problem.

> Here is a page with some numbers for you to look at in a free moment.
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Statistics
> If you look at them it will see that the number is much greater that the
> two of you.
> This is what the development branch, Rawhide, does. Changes, enhancements,
> new features, new versions do not always, usually don't work actually,
> work right at first. The test releases that Fedora produces are to try and
> ring out the final problems. Fresh installs of a system can do that. That
> is if enough people try. Does it work? Surprisingly well. But there is
> always someone, somewhere, with some device or piece of hardware that
> seems to fail. Not everything  works out-of-the-box for all. But I do
> think that the people that work on Fedora do a very good job at it.
> It would help a lot if users would actually read the Release Notes, the
> FAQ's and the known problems with solutions information *before* they just
> install. Honestly and truly. Think about that.

Sure.  In F7's case, nothing there about gstreamer or volume controls.

> No one ever, that I can recall, said that they would not help.
> BTW - You should tell Karl that he needs to fix is Bugzilla report. It is
> aimed at the wrong package. The maintainer ot the 'wrong package' will
> tell him eventually but it would be brought to the attention of the
> correct person more quickly.

I did, and he has.

                Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Math Sciences
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