Why are some having so much trouble with F7?

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Sat Jun 23 22:33:19 UTC 2007

R. Irving wrote:
>> The kernels may be buggy in ways I haven't run across yet, but as for 
>> booting up, absolutely no problem...
>> I'm just trying to understand why some are having nothing but problems 
>> and others just breeze right through.
>   Among other things, the DVD won't install to systems with SATA Drives, 
> it just hangs at "Ready"
>  This will crash and burn a LARGE percentage of the Fedora Base users, 
> with many having newer SATA
> based systems they bought to run the new dual core processors.
> And, in their ingenuity, The FC-7 team has found this bug, and decided 
> they aren't going to fix it, as it has been
> labeled "Wont Fix" in the database...google around to see what I mean.
> Pure Genius.  :-\

You might have taken a moment to look at the bug history before you 
started blaming people.


The bug report has been closed by the person who reported the bug and 
not by the Fedora team.


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