VLC Media Player

Claude Jones claude_jones at levitjames.com
Sat Jun 23 23:41:21 UTC 2007

On Saturday June 23 2007 11:58:32 am Temlakos wrote:
> I discovered vlc a long time ago--I got tired of trying to make totem
> work and gave up.
> Vlc will not play Flash video; mplayer will. Other than that, vlc will
> play just about anything. I've also used it to take screenshots from
> movie files and DVD's.

NOT true - I just went through an interesting exercise on this very subject. I 
had to download a video from YouTube for use in something. I found that 
playing it created a file in /tmp that was a bunch of numbers with the 
letters fl in it. I opened it by clicking on it and telling the popup dialog 
to open it with VLC. It opened - I was then able to use VLC to convert it to 
files I was able to use in my other editing software. I was on deadline, and 
didn't have time to figure out all the settings. I had to convert to windows 
media to get the video, but that produced no audio. So, I converted it to an 
audio codec that was listed, and after a couple of tries, I was able to put a 
working sound file and a working video file together on a timeline in my Sony 
Vegas editing software (on my Windows laptop), and create the whole file. 

But, I digress. The main point is that VLC played the flash...

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD

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