Firefox Gnash plug-in doesn't work

Peter Reed mrdeadworry at
Sun Jun 24 01:26:33 UTC 2007

On Saturday June 23 2007 5:58:02 pm Ian Chapman wrote:
> Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
> > Questions:
> >
> > (1) Where from can I load an actual flash video file for testing gnash
> > itself?
> Well any site with flash should be good enough, if the plugin is
> actually loading and it sounds like it is, then pressing the right mouse
> button over the flash anim should bring up a gnash menu confirming its
> loaded. Even if the plugin is working, the best you can expect with
> gnash is variable success in actually playing/using flash anims and apps.
> > (2) Does this gnash plugin work for others?
> Yes and no. It doesn't work *properly* for a lot of flash files out
> there but works with a few, often adverts unfortunately :) But it
> certainly loads and runs for me. The latest version claims to work with
> youtube for example, but for me it doesn't although it at least gets
> further than the previous version. As you're using x86_64 and unless you
>   object on philosophical grounds, you could always install firefox-32
> from the Fedora repo and use the offical flash plugin from the
> macromedia repo for Fedora.
> --
> Ian Chapman.

An alternative if you do not want to install firefox-32 is to use 
nspluginwrapper which I have had good luck with available here:
If you use the official rpm flash plug-in from adobe you will have to use the 
f--force option to get it to install.  I recommend install the flash plugin 
in first and then the two nspluginwrapper rpms and you will have to install 
one of those before the other and I have forgotten the order now but it will 
spew an error message if you do it the wrong way.  This works well for me 
under Fedora 7 and firefox-64.

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