Volume Control use

David Boles dgboles at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 09:29:35 UTC 2007

on 6/24/2007 2:15 AM, Tim wrote:
> David Boles:
>>> gnome-volume-manager > Edit > Preferences > Select tracks to be visible
>>> Maybe the settings for one, or more, of these it causing your problem.
> Karl Larsen:
>> Could be. But I don't know how to check the gnone-volume-manager. I 
>> even tried it in a root Xterm window and no joy.
> Crossing over onto the wrong thing again, "control" not "manager".
> gnome-volume-control is the audio mixer control GUI.
> gnome-volume-manager is to do with disc volumes (mounting drives).

Yes Tim. My mistype. It was called by the wrong name so many times It
stuck in my mind.

By request I am no longer involved in any of this.



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