Running TCE and TS2 on FC7

Adalbert Prokop adalbert.prokop at
Sun Jun 24 12:35:33 UTC 2007

Przemyslaw Gawronski wrote on Sunday 24 June 2007:

> Hi, when I run TCE or ET on my FC7 I would like to run at the same time
> TeamSpeek.  But if any application is using /dev/dsp TCE will not
> connect to it :(

What is TCE and ET?... 8-)
I think the problem is the exclusive usage of /dev/dsp. If one process 
uses /dev/dsp no other process is allowed to do the same. 

> Any way to solve that?

The only solution I can think of is some software which mixes incoming 
input and writes the mixture to /dev/dsp, namely: alsa, arts, esd.

If TeamSpeak cannot use any of them buy a second soundcard. That is what I 
did when Skype was not able to use alsa, only /dev/dsp.


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