OT: Apt-get vs YUM?

Chris Jones jonesc at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Sun Jun 24 15:39:11 UTC 2007

>     Your not 71 years old and didn't try yum first. Had you paid ANY
> attention to what I wrote you would have said " of course it didn't
> work, you don't use yum package-cleanup, just # package-cleanup". Yes I
> found 5 problems and they are all fixed.

Maybe he simply didn't notice the fact that you had appended yum to the 
command - Certainly it took me a few moments to look back at your email to 
see what you had done.

Hope you don'tmind my saying this, and please take it the right way, but 
frankly you are frequently your own worst enemy when it comes to error 
reports on this list. You frequently simply state something "does not work" 
without giving any indication as to why or give any feedback to help people 
help you. 

Simply pasting into your email the output you got from the command that "did 
not work" would help immensely .. In this case you should have included 
something like

[root at localhost ~]# yum package-cleanup
Loading "installonlyn" plugin
Loading "kernel-module" plugin
Loading "fedorakmod" plugin
Loading "priorities" plugin
Loading "kmdl" plugin
Usage: yum [options] < grouplist, localinstall, groupinfo, localupdate, 
resolvedep, erase, deplist, groupremove, makecache, upgrade, provides, shell, 
install, whatprovides, groupinstall, update, repolist, groupupdate, info, 
search, check-update, list, remove, clean, grouperase >

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t, --tolerant        be tolerant of errors
  -C                    run entirely from cache, don't update cache
  -c  [config file]     config file location
  -R  [minutes]         maximum command wait time
  -d  [debug level]     debugging output level
  -e  [error level]     error output level
  -y                    answer yes for all questions
  --version             show Yum version and exit
  --installroot=[path]  set install root
  --enablerepo=[repo]   enable one or more repositories (wildcards allowed)
  --disablerepo=[repo]  disable one or more repositories (wildcards allowed)
  -x [package], --exclude=[package]
                        exclude package(s) by name or glob
  --obsoletes           enable obsoletes processing during updates
  --noplugins           disable Yum plugins
  --nogpgcheck          disable gpg signature checking

which would have made it completely obvious what you had done wrong. Instead 
you leave out all useful information and leave it to those trying to help to 
just guess. 


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