Adobe Acrobat

Chris Jones jonesc at
Sun Jun 24 18:02:04 UTC 2007

Hi Karl,

On Sunday 24 June 2007 6:46:15 pm Karl Larsen wrote:
>     I was disappointed when the RPM with version 7 will not run on FC6.

Again, you are not being precise enough. What *exactly* happens when you try 
and run ? post the output you get from the command line when you run 
acroread ?

> It runs fine on FC4, and makes me think something was changed to assure
> this outcome. 

I think it is unlikely it has been broken on purpose...

> The one made for Linux works ok but it's kinda small and 
> you have to make it larger so the print is readable.

Now you have just confused me. What application is this "The one made for 
Linux" ? Is this acroread or something else ?

FWIW, I recommend kpdf as a good PDF viewer...


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