A bright idea...

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in other words you abused/broke the machine because that's what you wanted!!


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On 23/06/07, Phil Meyer <pmeyer at themeyerfarm.com> wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
> >
> >    Why not buy a 4 GB Flash USB device for around $50.00 and load F7
> > on that and then plug it into the USB port of the computer to upgrade
> > and away you go. Cheaper than a DVD drive with a USB port :-)
> >
> > Karl
> >
> Yup.  My normal mode of operations.  I carry around a 4GB USB thumb
> drive with two partitions:  1 = boot ; 2 = FAT32 with a custom (pungi
> rocks!) DVD image on it.
> So last week-end my son asks me to build him a media server.  I travel
> to his place because I want to see my grand babies.  No sweat.  I pop
> out my thumb drive -- hmmm... won't boot usb.  OK -- hmmm... can't burn
> a DVD for him, he doesn't have a DVD in that system.  OK, mount the DVD
> image on my laptop and burn the diskboot.iso to a CDR.  Plug in the USB
> to his system, boot the bootable CD and proceed to load from the USB
> stick via my custom kickstart scripts.
> Whew!
> The moral of the story?
> Not all systems will boot from USB, and not all systems have DVD
> players. :)  Keep a CDR in your laptop bag.
> Have Fun!

At my university, the winboxen can boot from usb, but they are
configured to boot ONLY from disk. The BIOS is also password
protected, and the case is locked. What is a poor Fedora junkie to do?

I unplugged one of the machines, then wormed a plastic stick (actually
a stepped-on mechanical pencil) into the case, and actually managed to
pop out the motherboard's button battery! Ten minutes later, there was
no more password on the BIOS...

Dotan Cohen


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