Bluetooth support

Konstantin Svist fry.kun at
Sun Jun 24 22:54:22 UTC 2007

Karl Larsen wrote:
> Konstantin Svist wrote:
>> Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>> Konstantin Svist wrote:
>>>> I'm still using FC6, haven't had much chance to try F7.
>>>> Got a question for those who have [tried] it: how is the built-in
>>>> bluetooth support?
>>>> With FC5 and FC6 I had to install some packages just to start using
>>>> bluetooth, and never actually got bluetooth headsets working.
>>>> In contrast, windows xp allows me to use the bluetooth headphones with
>>>> pretty much zero configuration (past the initial driver/software 
>>>> install).
>>>> Has anything improved in F7?
>>> Surely you have to "install some packages" to get most things working.
>>> I think "yum install bluez*" will give you everything you want.
>> But what about headset support? I couldn't get it to work at all, last 
>> time I tried. Does it work as soon as you install the right packages, 
>> now? Or do you still need to compile/configure a lot of stuff?
> Hi and I have a Bluetooth device I wear in my ear and it talks to my 
> Cell Phone with no setup required. It's a LG cell phone and Motorola 
> Bluetooth but they work fine. I checked on this FC6 and it has at 
> System->preferances->More preferances a tag says Bluetooth but it is 
> nothing but a panel asking what it should do if it hears a transmitter. 
> Nothing poped up when I turned on my thing so I think it's not working.
> Karl

That's sort of what I mean - it's pretty hard to get it all working 
together :(

I'm sure the driver supports it - there are some tutorials out there 
that supposedly help you get the headset running under Ubuntu...

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