recommendations for a 64-bit laptop with ECC memory?

Globe Trotter itsme_410 at
Mon Jun 25 01:28:10 UTC 2007

Thanks, Hugh, Konstantin, Kam, Peter and Tony!

So, I guess the moral of the story is that it is well-nigh impossible to get a
true ECC-memory laptop with motherboard, memory and slots, and it is probably
not all that crucial in the grand scheme of things?

I hope I am not mistaking the responses. 

Btw, this is my fourth year of solo on RH9/Fedora. I am pretty much the only
person here who uses linux, and while I am not well-versed with many things,
and know very little about hardware, I have to say that surviving solo would
not have been possible without a mailing list as outstanding as this one!!!

Thanks everybody! Btw, I have never used windoze in my life, except when on
somebody else's machine:-)

Many thanks and best wishes,

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> Kam Leo wrote:
> > On 6/24/07, Tony Nelson <tonynelson at> wrote:
> >> At 12:47 AM -0700 6/24/07, Konstantin Svist wrote:
> >> >I think you're missing the point here.
> >> >ECC ram will not guard against failures, it will simply reduce the
> >> >probability of a failure. In other words, it just prolongs the 
> >> inevitable.
> >>  ...
> >>
> >> No.  ECC RAM does guard against RAM failures; that is exactly what it is
> >> for and what it does.  Without ECC failures are undetected and produce 
> >> bad
> >> data.  ECC turns those into detected failures with good data.  ECC 
> >> prevents
> >> almost all RAM data errors, and allows detection of faulty RAM, 
> >> allowing it
> >> to be replaced before total or unrecoverable failures, while preventing
> >> transient soft errors from accumulating as bad data.
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> > 
> > Laptop computers use SODIMM memory modules. Most laptops have two
> > sockets for memory. Do a search and see if you can find any 2 GB with
> > ECC DDR2 SODIMM modules.  If your laptop is custom ordered you might
> > get ECC memory pre-installed.otherwise you will have to do it
> > yourself.
> > 
> And don't forget that the motherboard must support the ECC feature, as 
> well. In case of AMD CPUs (more specifically, ones with on-CPU memory 
> controllers), the CPU should support ECC, as well.
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