Bluetooth support

Konstantin Svist fry.kun at
Mon Jun 25 16:17:44 UTC 2007

Scott van Looy wrote:
> Today Ed Greshko did spake thusly:
>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>> Hi and I have a Bluetooth device I wear in my ear and it talks to my
>>> Cell Phone with no setup required. It's a LG cell phone and Motorola
>>> Bluetooth but they work fine. I checked on this FC6 and it has at
>>> System->preferances->More preferances a tag says Bluetooth but it is
>>> nothing but a panel asking what it should do if it hears a transmitter.
>>> Nothing poped up when I turned on my thing so I think it's not working.
>> Let's ask a very basic question.
>> What are you expecting to happen?  What is the goal?  Without knowing the
>> goal, and without knowing what "thing" you are turning on it would 
>> seem hard
>> to determine what, if anything is wrong.  It may well be not 
>> working....but
>> what should it be doing....or what do you think it should be doing?
>> Usually, when I turn on my "thing" it works pretty good and all concerned
>> are satisfied....or at least they say they are.
> There's 2 classes of bluetooth devices, bluetooth audio wireless devices 
> (hands free kits) are the latter class, which not all bluetooth dongles, 
> etc support. Plus, for bluetooth to work in fedora you need the 
> appropriate PC hardware

I'm pretty sure we're talking about the wireless devices, not dongles.
My bluetooth dongle (actuall built into my laptop) is recognized 
perfectly well and works so far (transferring files to/from my cell phone).

Let's concentrate on a single one for now: bluetooth headphones (though 
I'm sure there are lots more devices that can be improved). Another 
closely related device is a bluetooth headset (headphone & microphone - 
the BT device you would use with your cell phone)
It's easy to connect the headphones to FC6, but nothing happens after 
that. I'd like to be able to actually hear music through them.

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