FC7 adding unneccesary mailboxes in /var/mail

Eric spamsink at scoot.netis.com
Mon Jun 25 18:20:12 UTC 2007

At 01:01 PM 6/25/2007, Tim wrote:

 >>>>>Upon reflection, I think that only root should get one created by 
default.  Any other one should get created on demand (when you add a user, 
when you install some service that creates a user that needs a mailbox).<<<<<

Good afternoon, Tim.

Isn't that more or less the way it works now?  All these extraneous 
mailboxes are being created when the installer installs some service.  The 
only difference is that these mailboxes appear to be created whether the 
service actually "needs" a mailbox or not (and "not" includes the situation 
where the aliases file forwards all of that user's mail to somebody else, 
usually root).

This all worked "correctly" (if one can characterize previous behavior as 
"correct" and current behavior as "incorrect") in every distro I've ever 
used including every version of Fedora prior to 7.

What changed?

(...not that it bothers me, I'm perfectly happy just ignoring the extra 
mailboxes, but it does seem a bit odd...)

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