smolt stale profiles

Mike McGrath mmcgrath at
Mon Jun 25 19:46:18 UTC 2007

Mike C wrote:
> Mike McGrath <mmcgrath <at>> writes:
>> "smoltDeleteProfile"  and upgrades should work just fine and remove the 
>> old profile.  By upgrade do you mean format and install?  Also there is 
>> a smolt checkin plugin that, when enabled (as it is in anaconda when you 
>> send a profile) will continue to check in monthly.  This will allow us 
>> to only select profiled that are new.
> Well OK The following url shows a box on FC6
> The following shows a box on F7
> These are one and the same machine with the latter profile after a clean install
> of F7.
> So if how do I delete the first profile from this machine (or any other)?
>   Unfortunately we 
can't use the hardware UUID of your system for privacy issues, so 
whenever a fresh install happens, the old profile will remain.


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