smolt stale profiles

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Mon Jun 25 20:27:11 UTC 2007

Mike McGrath wrote:
> Mike C wrote:
>> Mike McGrath <mmcgrath <at>> writes:
>>>   Unfortunately 
>>> we can't use the hardware UUID of your system for privacy issues, so 
>>> whenever a fresh install happens, the old profile will remain.
>> Thanks Mike - that is what I was afraid you might say - if the 
>> majority of people
>> do not bother to remove old profiles after installing new versions of 
>> Fedora then
>> over a period more and more old, but no longer relevant, profiles will 
>> build up
>> and therefore the statistics will contain a smaller and smaller 
>> fraction of live machines in its database.  It is therefore important 
>> to remove such old
>> profiles in order to keep the statistics synced to real machines?
> We also track when the last checkin was.  Those enabling smolt's checkin 
> (which happens automatically when you install via anaconda and send your 
> profile) will keep a fresh profile.  This will allow us to say "only 
> select profiles that checked in in the last 8 months) which would ignore 
> older stale profiles.  Its the best we can do without causing privacy 
> issues.

Is a one way hardware hash really a big privacy concern? After all smolt 
is purely optional. One way hash would improve the accuracy of the stats 


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