New k3b-1.0 problem

John Wendel john.wendel at
Mon Jun 25 21:19:22 UTC 2007

Gene Heskett wrote:
> Greetings all;
> I've downloaded an archive of stuff for a legacy computer, which is in the 
> form of dvd sized .rar files.
> The author of the collection is/was distributing it on dvd's for a nominal fee 
> to cover the cost of the disks, or it was downloadable from his web page.
> The first of these files is 4,635,746,513 bytes long, so it would be a tight 
> fit on a dvd.  k3b says the disk in the drive is 4.4GB, and krusader says the 
> file is 4.3GB so at least those two are using the same base 1024 numbering 
> system for a kilobyte.
> So it should fit but it appears k3b is rejecting anything over 4.0GB as the 
> size varies, rejecting a smaller 4.1GB file, but accepting a 3.8GB file.
> This doesn't sound terribly kosher to me since the author of the collection 
> obviously has the tools to burn even the 4635746513 (decimal) byte file to a 
> dvd.
> So what's the recommended procedure to do this?  Or do I file a bugzilla, take 
> a tater & wait?
> Thanks.

Just burned several 4.3GB files last night. I assume you're using the 
latest and greatest K3B (since you use the latest and greatest 
everything else). Do you have the "allow overburning" option set?

Have you tried using growisofs directly? Man growisofs has all the 



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