Window won't go away

Claude Jones claude_jones at
Tue Jun 26 12:14:36 UTC 2007

On Monday June 25 2007 11:02:16 pm Mike McCarty wrote:
> Marc wrote:
> > Can you go to the taskbar and right click and close it that way?  I
> > ran into that with k3b the other day, and that was the only way I
> > could close it as well.
> I tried that, and it didn't work. Nothing I tried would make that
> window go away. All I could get was the "Window is not responding"
> dialogue box.

Is it possible you updated your machine while K3b was open? Once in awhile, if 
I update a program that's open, it takes a session restart, or sometimes a 
reboot, to put behaviors back to normal

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD

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