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oleksandr korneta atenrok at
Wed Jun 27 00:19:26 UTC 2007

on 06/26/2007 01:10 PM Robin Laing wrote:
> oleksandr korneta wrote:
>> on 06/26/2007 07:15 AM Jonathan Underwood wrote:
>>> On 26/06/07, oleksandr korneta <atenrok at> wrote:
>>>> just want to let you know that I just tried to move the bunch of mail
>>>> messages (by drug'n'drop) from one mailbox to another and it disappeared
>>>> from the first mailbox and never showed up in another. Actually to be
>>>> honest, I just lost all my mail for the last 3 years from that account.
>>>> I'm pretty much sure there is no way to restore it. Thanks developers
>>> It's worth filing a bug report at including
>>> as much detail as you can. Eg. were both mailboxes IMAP/POP/Local
>>> etc.Were there any error messages? Anything you can think of. Even
>>> better if you could give a recipe for reproducing the problem.
>> this was thunderbird for fc6 installed from remi repository. I 
>> don't think that fedora developers would care. The bug is strange 
>> indeed. It is very easy to reproduce on my machine, and this happens 
>> only between two specific accounts. No error messages, the mail just 
>> silently disappears and I am immediately asked to compact my mailboxes. 
>> I was stupid enough to press "OK" without checking whether everything 
>> went fine.
> Did you check your Thunderbird email directory to see if the files are 
> still there but under a different name?

yes I did, and no - the mail is gone.

> I am still using and use Drag and drop many times with no 
> issues.  Maybe it is the number of messages that makes the difference.

probably not. After that I performed some tests and moved a rather large 
  number of messages (~ 800-1000) it just works.

> I am not moving between accounts though.  That may be where the problem is.

I'm moving the messages between accounts from time to time and I never 
had such a  problem before.

Oleksandr Korneta

I'm running FC6 on i386 and x86_64 hardware, should this matter.

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