Formatting CDs

Justin W jlist at
Wed Jun 27 02:33:51 UTC 2007

Thufir wrote:
> I'm not sure that it's possible to mount a CD R/W such that you can write 
> and read to it dynamically with random access.
> Is it possible to do that in windows?
> -Thufir
If I remember correctly, a version of Nero on Windows used to be able to 
do that.  Unfortunately, I never used it because the only time I tried 
to, the computer glitched and permanently destroyed my CDRW, so I've 
never tried again.

I'd venture to guess that Nero installed a CD-ROM driver in Windows and 
took care of writing to the CD in a proprietary format.  In that way, 
I'd also assume that using only software to manage that would not be 
possible, as device driver-level support would also be required.

Totally Guessing,
Justin W

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