F7 ACPI bug or more documentation needed?

Nelson Strother xunilarodef at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 03:39:27 UTC 2007

  Or, how to both see battery level and hibernate normally?

  At the moment it seems I have only discovered how to do one
or the other for one system running 2.6.21-1.3228.fc7.

  As installed, this system hibernates and resumes correctly with
no need for any quirks.  But neither Power Manager 2.18.3 nor
Battery Charge Monitor 2.18.0 properly detect the battery
(e.g. Battery Charge Monitor 2.18.0 hover text includes
"No battery present").  Yes, the system will run normally
on its battery (e.g. dimming the display slightly, beeping
as AC power is removed and restored) except there is no
hint as to whether the calculated capacity estimate is
for another 1.5 minutes or 1.5 hours of runtime.

  If the boot line in Grub is edited to include "acpi=off apm=on"
then either battery monitor application behaves as expected.  But
when one hibernates, the eventual reward ends with:
  Synchronizing SCSI cache for disk sda
  Power down
  Synchronizing SCSI cache for disk sda
and then it just sits there forever.  If one then pushes the
Power button, the system turns off, and later one can Resume it
without any detected problem.  But the user should be able to
hibernate without hanging around for another while to push the
power button at the end; and know the state of charge in the
battery, too, in the same configuration.

  Are there other options or switches I need to discover?

  I happened to notice that:


mentions adding battery and ac_adapter objects in the HAL device tree.
I am not yet aware of any HAL quirk support for batteries in Fedora 7.

[root at localhost ~]# lshal | grep system.hardware
  system.hardware.product = '2647JU3'  (string)
  system.hardware.vendor = 'IBM'  (string)
  system.hardware.version = 'Not Available'  (string)
[root at localhost ~]# ## also known as Thinkpad T23

[root at localhost ~]# cat /proc/acpi/battery
cat: /proc/acpi/battery: Is a directory
[root at localhost ~]# ls -l /proc/acpi/battery/
total 0
 ## but no files in this directory, only . and .. , instead of the expected:
 ##    BAT0/alarm
 ##    BAT0/info
 ##    BAT0/state (seen on another system where battery icons work as expected)
 ## this when booted *without* acpi=off


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