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Frank Cox theatre at
Wed Jun 27 05:33:15 UTC 2007

On Wed, 27 Jun 2007 10:50:25 +0530
Rogue <roguexz at> wrote:

> The file that I am trying to load is a OOo -> PDF document -> Uploaded 
> onto the web.
> I do not think that it is an issue with the document per se, or is it?

Actually, it is a problem with that document, or at least with the way that
your webserver is providing it.

I get the "what to do with this file" dialog when I try to open that too, but I
don't see it when I click on other PDF files.  It also works properly when I
download it to my computer and click on it there.

Have you actually tried clicking on a PDF file other than that one?

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