customising compiz (or whatever the desktop effects uses)

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Wed Jun 27 05:33:26 UTC 2007

yes there is. uninstall compiz. Compiz is an old package. the compiz project
was taken over by the beryl project. So if you want more configuration
ability uninstall compiz & install all things beryl.

On 6/26/07, Tim <ignored_mailbox at> wrote:
> Is there a way to change some of the default behaviours?  For instance,
> the move the mouse pointer to the far top right of the screen to get
> thumbnails of all windows to show up is a handy feature, and probably
> the only feature that I care for, but it's in an annoying part of the
> screen.  That's where the volume control is.  The opposite corner, in
> Gnome, is where the click to show the desktop button is, which would be
> a better place for that action.
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