nVidia 7300 GT

Michael McGillick michael_mcgillick at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 27 17:50:49 UTC 2007


I have a Mac Pro with Intel-Based processors. The graphics card included with the system was the nVidia 7300GT. Prior to installing Fedora, I bought an ATI X1900 XT graphics card and have successfully used this under both Mac OS X and Windows Vista (few minor issues under Vista, but acceptable). After installing Fedora 7, I've been unable to get my system to correctly use the card and resolution of my 2560x1600 monitor.

My question is in regards to the 7300GT. Is this card supported by Fedora 7, meaning will it properly detect and install the drivers during the install process, or does it require some hocus pocus on my part to get it to work properly? I've already gone through this with the ATI card, and have no desire to do so again. I'm not a gamer, so the it's not critical that I have the best card available. I simply want to be able to display my desktop in 2560x1600 and have a nice clean picture and fonts.

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has this card or has worked with it and how it's supported. Thanks.

- Michael
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