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Jacques B. jjrboucher at
Wed Jun 27 22:18:32 UTC 2007

On 6/27/07, David Katz <david at> wrote:
> I think you have identified at least part of my problem:
> ifconfig says that my workstation is To match my router's settings, I need it to be Can I just:
> ifconfig eth0
> ?
> Thanks much!
man ifconfig is your best help on that one.  I typically configure it
via the GUI.  What you have is right except you don't have a subnet
mask or default gateway included.

Best to log onto your router and configure it from there as was
explained by someone else and as I noted in my initial posting.  If
you are going to statically assign it within Fedora, you have to make
sure that it's an IP that the router will not assign via DHCP to
another machine on the network.  Otherwise you'll have two machines
with the same IP.  Hence you either configure the router to assign a
static IP to MAC (whatever the MAC is for the machine in question), or
set it via Fedora and ensure that DHCP on the router is set up with a
range of IPs that does not contain the static IP you set on your

In other words if you set your machine to, ensure the
DHCP server only allocates to for example.
 So 140 doesn't get allocated to a second machine on your network.

Jacques B.

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