Microsoft closes another deal, is redhat next?

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Thu Jun 28 08:39:56 UTC 2007

Tim wrote:
> That's probably the best thing, anyway (not being able to read corporate
> balderdash).  Ooh, yes, there are ways to rubbish things without
> swearing, but not in modern lingo.  ;-)
> But back to the thread, this is the sort of thing that "forces" people
> into Windows by forcing them away from what they want to use.  With the
> you join us or you miss out attitude.

It wasn't even a matter of "what I wanted to use". It was the corporate
wide standard machine, required for all engineers to use: Sun + SunOS.

I was responding to the "people living in a bubble" comment.

> And that was what my comment about them making life difficult was about.
> Not that they'd send the goons over to rough you up, but they'd make it
> so damn hard for you to continue to use your software, that you'd cave
> in and use theirs.

She was going to send over the goons, but not to try to make me
use Outlook + WinNT, I guess.

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