desktop-effects with Gnome and KDE on F7

Jesus Jr M Salvo jesus.m.salvo at
Thu Jun 28 09:47:42 UTC 2007

I have just enabled desktop effects on Gnome in F7. ( Well, prior to
that, I have to add that Composite extension and add the line to omit
xfree86-dga in xorg.conf ... then install the various berly packages

I can see the wobbling effects on the windows in Gnome ... but I could
not figure out how to actually have the cube workspaces ( I have both
wobbling effects and cube workspace checkboxes enabled ). Do I need to
do something else ?

If I use KDE instead, I don't get the wobbling effects, but I do
recognise that menus are somewhat animated ( drawn from small, then
bigger and bigger until it reaches its normal size ), or a sliding
effect. All of this is actual fast, so perhaps the only reason I
noticed it was because I was conscious that I enabled desktop effects
in Gnome.

Looking at KDE Control Center, there is now a Beryl option under
"Appearance and Themes". This option shows Opacity and Shadows. Under
the "Style" option in Control Panel and then the "Effects" toolbar, I
also see "Enable GUI Effects" which is checked, and they all have the
"Animate" option selected, except for the "Menu tear-off handles"
which has "Application Level".

So my questions are:

1) How do I get cube workspaces in Gnome ? ( The option is checked in
"Desktop Effects" ).
2) How do I have wobbling windows in KDE ?
3) How do I have cube workspaces in KDE ?

What other "effects" could I do ?

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