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Bob Goodwin - W2BOD bobgoodwin at
Thu Jun 28 20:49:05 UTC 2007

Bob Goodwin - W2BOD wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> Bob Goodwin - W2BOD wrote:
>>> Tony Nelson wrote:
>>>> At 2:14 PM -0400 6/28/07, Bob Goodwin - W2BOD wrote:
>>>>> I had been using  Mail -s "msg-logs" bobgoodwin at <
>>>>> /var/spool/mail/bobg
>>>>> until about three weeks ago when it quit working.
>>>>> I am beginning to think that my ISP has done something to cause these
>>>>> messages not to go through since it appeared to me that they were 
>>>>> making
>>>>> changes that created a lot of disruption in the mail server 
>>>>> operation at
>>>>> that time.
>>>>> I have been trying to send other files such as:
>>>>> Mail -s "msg-logs" bobgoodwin at < 
>>>>> /home/bobg/ootext/FAP.txt
>>>>> with no success, nothing comes back?  Normally these are filtered 
>>>>> into a
>>>>> Thunderbird directory "msg-logs"  The filter set up looks ok. I 
>>>>> haven't
>>>>> changed anything there and if it didn't work I would hope the mail 
>>>>> would
>>>>> just show up in Inbox.
>>>>> Is there a way I could see the outgoing message to be sure it is
>>>>> actually being sent?
>>>>> Can someone suggest a logical way to troubleshoot this problem?  I've
>>>>> been putting this problem off but it's an annoyance that needs 
>>>>> fixing!
>> Have you looked in /var/log/maillog for an error message? It is
>> possible in the changes you mentioned, your ISP now requires
>> authentication before accepting mail. Another possibility is that
>> your ISP now requires that the there be a reverse DNS for the
>> hostname of the mail server that is sending it a message.
>> Mikkel
> "reverse DNS?"  Wireshark displayed a number of lines about DNS which 
> I did not understand.  I hate to admit it but what's a reverse DNS?  
> Guess I need to look that up ...
> Bob Goodwin
Ok, I see reverse DNS is simply reversing the process, not sure how that 
affects me?

The maillog does show some cryptic [to me] errors:

Jun 28 16:36:55 box6 sendmail[1091]: l5SKaLF4001091: 
to=bobgoodwin at, ctladdr=root (0/0), delay=00:00:34, 
xdelay=00:00:30, mailer=relay, pri=989592, relay=[] 
[], dsn=5.6.0, stat=Data format error
Jun 28 16:36:55 box6 sendmail[1091]: l5SKaLF4001091: l5SKaLF5001091: 
DSN: Data format error

Perhaps someone can tell me what this means?

Maybe I should just wait until I've installed Fedora 7.  It may be 
different then.

Bob Goodwin

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