Formatting CDs

Justin W jlist at
Thu Jun 28 23:32:59 UTC 2007

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-06-28 at 03:45 -0500, Mike McCarty wrote:
>> Aaron Konstam wrote:
>>> It is annoying that people attack Windows without knowing much about it.
>>> Whether you believe it or not . I do it all the time on my wife's
>>> Windows XP machine and the Windows 2000 that runs on a partition on my
>>> FC4 machine,
>> I am aware of techniques which work with modern versions of Windows
>> which allow one to treat a multi-session CDROM as if one could simply
>> add files to it by dragging and dropping. I have used one myself
>> like that. But I don't recall "formatting" a CDROM.
>> Mike
> We all loose some of our memory with age. If you could drag and drop to
> the CD you or someone formated it.
If I understand Windows' burning scheme correctly, Windows XP has the 
capability to create sessions on a CD from Explorer.  All you have to do 
is drag and drop the files to the CD, and then click burn for them to be 
saved to the disk (no formatting involved).  The process is quite 
transparent to end users, but behind the scenes, Windows is using the 
space left over to create multi-session disks.

Also, if I can again remember correctly, you can actually take a disc 
made with the method described above and look at the contents of 
previous versions of the CD in Linux.  Using a session number in the 
mount options can recover a specific session from a multi-session CD, so 
if anyone has extra time on their hands, Linux could possibly confirm 
what Windows is actually doing.

Justin W

(If you're talking about a drag and drop without the burning process, 
then the above doesn't apply, but since you didn't specify, I'm giving 
my educated guess).

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